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(Video) Interview with a 16-year-old Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf has been appointed Milan’s new manager, and some have responded to this news by saying Seedorf is too young to assume a position of such caliber. Those who know Seedorf, however, know he’s been ready for it for years. As these awesome interview clips show, Seedorf has always been mature far beyond his years.

Check it out. In the first interview he’s 16. The second one, where he is chilling on his bed, only 15.

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30+ Ibrahimovic Quotes – “There is my enemy, scratching his bald head!”

What’s the bigger loss: for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to lack a few World Cup games on his CV, or for the World Cup to lack Zlatan?

The latter. At 32, the man from Malmo should be past his prime, but only keeps getting better, scoring ever more audacious and spectacular goals. Goals that no other player can score. Goals that force everyone around him – teammates included – to accept his supremacy on and off the field. A supremacy that he desires and requires to excel. A supremacy he defends – if need be – with his incredible physique and street-educated personality.

It’s no wonder that a Swedish dictionary recently included the verb Zlataner – meaning “to dominate with overwheling force”. Read the best quotes of a man who is not just convinced, but knows with his entire soul, that he is The Greatest.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes
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‘Milan’ implicated in Fuentes doping drama

Fuentes doping Milan?

The court case against the Spanish ‘Doping Doctor’ Eufemiano Fuentes continues to shed new light on soccer history. Spanish authorities may be doing their utmost to prevent a complete list of Fuentes’ clients from leaking out, but the tidbits that do slip out of the gates are certainly interesting.

The latest revelation concerns a document that was seized during the raid on Fuentes’ home in 2006. On the document are scribbled three names, along with doses of doping.

The third name is the most thought provoking.


Milan Doping Football

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The Great XI’s: AC Milan 1989

Before the rise of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, Arrigo Sacchi’s late 80′s AC Milan was widely regarded as the greatest football club team of all time. Not just because it was filled with such an awe-inspiring array of great individual players that even Florentino Perez still views them with envy; no, Sacchi ensured that all these Ballon-d’Or dominating stars also operated as a single unit, with captain Franco Baresi in command of a pressing tactic that rendered most opponents powerless.

At their peak in 1989, this is how they usually played:

1989 Milan Sacchi Formation Van Basten Gullit

Download their greatest game:

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Dejan Savicevic ~ Devil Dribbling (Player Video)

Dejan Savicevic is one of the most underrated players of the 90′s. Injury-prone and inconsistent in his performances, he never developed into the decisive player at AC Milan that, given his enormous raw talent, he should have become. But he produced enough bursts of genius that, even today, watching a video of Savicevic dribbling past defenders in his strange, snakelike, devlish style, is sure to blow your socks off.


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The Duel: Rivera vs Cruyff 1969 EC Final (Video)

This is the first episode of a new series: The Duel.

Two great players. One game. One winner. Who played better? You decide.

This first edition pits Gianni Rivera against Johan Cruyff. The setting is the 1969 European Cup final AC Milan vs Ajax. Milan won 4-1, after consistently overrunning the 2 man midfield from Ajax.

Gianni Rivera was given all the time and space to demonstrate both his elegant dribbling skills and his excellent passing abilites.

Cruyff got less space from the Milan defense. But at 22, he’s a daring solist who embarks on adventurous runs regardless of what he’ll find on his path.

So who played better: Cruyff of Rivera?

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All-Time AC Milan Team

Next to Real Madrid, AC Milan is Europe’s most successful club. Winning 18 Scudetto’s, 7 Champions Leagues and 4 Club World Cups can only be done when you’ve got the best of the best players at your disposal.

Indeed, Milan had featured brilliant players throughout its history.

Attacking players like Nordahl, Altafini, Weah, Kaká, Rivera, Gullit, Shevchenko, and Van Basten, to name a few.

Which of these would fit in an All-Time Milan XI?

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Sacchi claims his AC Milan was better than Guardiola’s Barcelona. Is he right?

Ariggo Sacchi thinks his Milan were better than today's BarcelonaEven the most loyal AC Milan supporters will readily admit that Barcelona is currently a better side than AC Milan.

But how do Pep Guardiola’s men measure up against the legendary Milan that won two successive European Cups in 1989 and 1990?

The monopoly on European football that Barcelona enjoys today, mirrors the iron grip AC Milan had over Europe in the late 80′s.

The coach who built up that all conquering Milan – Ariggo Sacchi – believes his old side was superior to the current Barcelona.

His exact wordss leave little room for nuance. “I coached the best team in history”.

Is he right? A comparison of the achievements both sides have recorded gives us the definitive answer.
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Roberto Baggio ~ Fantasista (Player Video)

The prototypical Italian player is the cynical, effectice, man-marking defender. The player who knows more than anyone how to turn the greatest of strikers into a useless bystanders. But looking at the current Italian team, something just as traditionally Italian is missing from the side. Where is the new Rivera, Mazzola, Del Piero, Zola, Totti or Baggio? Where is that technically gifted player who can both create chances and score tons of goals? Where is, as the Italians call it, Italy’s new Fantasista?

In celebration of one such Fantasista, 4Dfoot had created an homage to Roberto Baggio. Watch his greatest goals and dribbles for Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Bologna, Inter and Brescia.

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1989 European Cup Semi-Final ~ AC Milan vs Real Madrid (Full Classic Match)

The monopoly on European football that Barcelona enjoys today, mirrors the iron grip AC Milan had over Europe in the late 80′s. The one game that demonstrates this more than anything is the second leg of the 1989 European Cup Semi-Final. The first leg had ended in 1-1, and now the two teams moved the battlefield to Milan’s San Siro stadium. It was here that Sacchi’s Milan gave a master class in modern football. Real Madrid could count on greats such as Hugo Sanchez, Emilio Butragueño and Bernd Schuster, but they proved no match for a rampant Milan, whose Italian core of Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini, Ancelotti and Donadoni was enhanced by the three greatest Dutchmen of their era: Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten.



AC Milan
Galli – Tassotti, Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini – Donadoni, Colombo, Rijkaard, Ancelotti – Gullit, Van Basten
Coach: Arrigo Sacchi

Real Madrid
Buyo – Llorente, Sanchis, Chendo, Gordillo – Gallego, Schuster, Vazquez, Michel – Butragueño, Sanchez
Coach: Leo Beenhakker


Download links:
Part 01 –!4Fx2GLwT!azW6WipSnC8hv7K7UDKijSg-8iQQ9j0rXyDO9iwGIgQ
Part 02 –!0QIE2JyY!fayGyXlo4xVDcLK0Vv3uin3-vkkuz9q4ACOpjRduFTk
Part 03 –!FIwBhaZT!P25uxAilWpPMhSW7EKflnlNL70Q1VvHPsaZo6XlioUA
Part 04 –!8UZWAAaY!byPTa3kf2xN1iflGkap1ZgjLY3JEEcIHUwlurY1SSpY

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