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England on Wembley

England away from Wembley ~ A History of Failure

Whenever there’s a World Cup or Euro tournament, England is counted among the favourites. After all, these chaps invented the game, have the world’s best football league, a squad filled with big name players, and, unlike the Dutch or Portuguese, they’ve actually won a World Cup before. So why not again? A good question. With a simple answer. Because the facts reveal that, leaving aside games played on Wembley (in 1966 and 1996), England has never beaten a major country in a KO game in…

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Johan Cruyffs best XI

Johan Cruyff reveals his best XI in History

Johan Cruyff presented his new book yesterday, titled Fútbol, mi filosofía, in which he details his views on the sport that allowed him to become a global icon. The book also contains his own favourite XI of All Time. Somewhat surprisingly, he left himself out of the team – as well as any active players such as Lionel Messi. Most of the names are to be expected – Maradona, Pele, Di Stefano, etcetera – but we also have a few less conventional picks.

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England World Cup 1966

England All-Star XI

As the proud inventor of the game, England has been a leading power in world football for well over a century. As such, its ranks are filled with phenomenal players from every era of the game. Some primarily known through tales and legends, others through weekly appearances in full HD on our television sets. But there’s no question that England’s glory days as the Land of Football lasted, at best, until the 60’s. Consequently, England’s ideal XI ought to heavily feature players from that time…

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