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(Video) Interview with a 16-year-old Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf has been appointed Milan’s new manager, and some have responded to this news by saying Seedorf is too young to assume a position of such caliber. Those who know Seedorf, however, know he’s been ready for it for years. As these awesome interview clips show, Seedorf has always been mature far beyond his years.

Check it out. In the first interview he’s 16. The second one, where he is chilling on his bed, only 15.

2 thoughts on “(Video) Interview with a 16-year-old Clarence Seedorf”

  1. an extraordinary player, with a perfect marriage at ac milan.
    the elite defense worked perfectly for seedorf´s unpredictable style. big lapses in concentration followed by strokes of pure genius. if he played to ball into the opponent´s feet again then maldini and his men would complacently just pick it up. and sooner or later seedorf´s dice would roll six and create gold out of thin air.
    it always seemed that the closer the shooting range the more nervous he seemed when taking shots. with the world´s most distance biased goal scoring record as a result.

    i hope that, despite his retirement, Clarence will continue playing for the suriprofs and proudly represent the country he invested so much in.

  2. For what it’s worth, Seedorf seemed to display a muturity well beyond his years in that interview.

    A world great, he remains the only player to win the European Cup with three different clubs.

    It will be very interesting to see how he gets on as manager of Milan. I for one wish him luck.

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