1982 World Cup ~ Brazil vs Argentina (Full Classic Match)

download the full match 1982 Brazil ArgentinaAny match between Argentina and Brazil in a World Cup is bound to be grand game. But this one was special for multiple reasons.

It was a clash between Brazil’s legendary 1982 team and the reigning World Champions. A direct confrontation between the prophets of attacking football: Cesar Luis Menotti and Tele Santana. And a duel between the young Maradona and the experienced Zico at the peak of his ability.

Argentina had begun their 1982 campaign believing they stood a great chance of prolonging their title. The star from 1978, Mario Kempes, was still there. As were Ardilles, captain Passarella, and the entire defensive line and goalie. And the celebrated coach Menotti. In addition, the Argentines could now employ a new weapon: Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest talent in world football. He had just signed a contract with FC Barcelona, and with the 1982 cup being played in Spain, he was ready to give Spaniards a taste of what they could expect from him.

But Argentina, perhaps lacking the home support that had helped them so much in 1978, disappointed early on. Shockingly, they lost the opening match of the tournament to Belgium. They recovered with wins against Hungary and El Salvador, and passed on to the next groupphase. There, they’d meet Brazil.

A Brazil that had mightly impressed in the groups with stunning goals and beautiful football, with its super offensive wingbacks, its creative midfield with Falcao, Socrates and Zico, but that also had shown, like the golden 1970 side before it, defensive frailties of a kind that Argentina’s experienced back line did not have to suffer.

This match could go both ways.


Valdir Peres  – Leandro, Oscar, Luisinho, Junior – Toninho Cerezo, Falcao – Zico, Socrates – Eder, Serginho
Coach: Tele Santana

Fillol -  Galvan, Passarella, Olguin, Tarantini – Barbas, Ardiles, Bertoni, Calderon, Maradona – Kempes
Coach: Cesar Luis Menotti


Download links for Brazil vs Argentina 1982 World Cup

Part 1 – https://mega.co.nz/#!YZtAyTAK!aGn1M3IS0GwzMPxkJgHxNkSSM9MBLVqTJLo7GyEPofk
Part 2 – hhttps://mega.co.nz/#!tJlFzDKC!GL6znl5WnHxyiobMh_PdcFlRk3g7ncZWYn_oZ8PTmew
Part 3 – https://mega.co.nz/#!EcUDUDoL!SD3xfS4s2HnYG79mwENz3xg1sAFRJJ5utyprbd-kEx8

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